Friday, 13 September 2013

Watch Movement Cufflinks - Part 2

These cufflinks give me a sense of pride. A pride knowing that I probably have the most extensive collection of watch movement cufflinks.

Call me obsessed but when I embark on a collection, I embark on a collection… I take time and pains to search and suss out the different kinds of watch movement cufflinks. Here is part 2 of the coverage. You can find part 1 here.
 photo BareWatchMovementTray02.jpg

This Seiko movement cufflink is mounted onto a cufflink blank but unfortunately, one was badly scratched. I guess I have to find a way to polish that off.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Seiko photo BareWatchMovement11.jpg

A pair of Gruen minus the barrels.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Gruen photo BareWatchMovement13.jpg

A non matching pair of Wyler and Bulova movements mounted on a special plate.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Bulova & Wyler photo BareWatchMovement14.jpg

A P43 Belmar Calibre plus a Camy movement.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Belmar & Camy photo BareWatchMovement15.jpg

A pair of matching Macy movements mounted on a rectangular plate.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Macy photo BareWatchMovement16.jpg

A matching pair of Benrus movements with the attached crown.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Benrus photo BareWatchMovement17.jpg

Did you know Sears made mechanical watches? Look at the cufflink on the left. It says Sears Roebuck & Co.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Sear & Benrus photo BareWatchMovement18.jpg

Couldn't figure out this one… but unusual nonetheless.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks photo BareWatchMovement19.jpg

And a Miyota quartz movement.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Miyota photo BareWatchMovement21.jpg

And finally a pair of non-matching Olympic Watch Co., and Allemann & Gisiger. Never heard of either watch companies but they use similar movements.
Bare Watch Movement Cufflinks Olympic photo BareWatchMovement20.jpg

The next thing I need to be doing is to find ways to polish and restore some of these back to its old glory. Have to figure a way to do that.

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