Monday, 2 June 2014

Saboten Ebi Katsu Promotion

Saboten Restaurant has an ongoing Promotion from now till August 2014.

Saboten is one of my favorite restaurants in T1 and for that matter, one of my favorite tonkatsu restaurant in Singapore. And from now till end of August 2014, they are having a special Ebi Katsu Promotion.
 photo SabotenT1Promo01.jpg

As with all set meals, the set comes with free flow of cabbage, rice and miso soup. Eat as much as you want - if only you can stomach it.
 photo SabotenT1Promo06.jpg

I had ordered the Ebi Katsu Tenderloin Set and as expected, the tenderloin was well fried and still tender to the bite.
 photo SabotenT1Promo03.jpg

The Ebi Katsu was light and moist - the breadcrumbs gave a nice crunch but the prawns were firm to the bite and rather sweet - well done!

And now for a look at my Lange 1815 Chrono on top of the bed of cabbage.
 photo SabotenT1Promo05.jpg

Another winning combo for Saboten. Head down to Saboten T1 to enjoy the promo. For more on Saboten, please read my other blog post.