Sunday, 26 October 2014

Bavarian Delight - Pork Knuckle!

When you visit Germany, beer and pork knuckles come to mind. So when I visited the northern city of Hamburg, that was what I went in search for.

We stayed at the Grand Elysee hotel near the lake. Just about 15 minutes walk to the city centre where there are plenty of eateries. We found Franziskaner at the corner of Colonnaden near the city centre.

Franziskaner is a bavarian style restaurant and as one would expect, serves good beer and a hearty meal too.

The restaurant is a quaint rustic place with wooden tables and chairs. It was a Sunday night and it was packed… mostly with Chinese tourists!

The menu is one that we would expect - containing many pork dishes. So what comes to mind? The crispy pork knuckle of course!

But wait! The Chinese tourists orders all of the remaining 22 pork knuckles there was in the house… What a disappointment! No pork knuckles!!! The bartender told us that we were about half an hour too late - they beat us to it. So we had to re-examine the menu again.

Boris, the bartender was kind enough to offer a recommendation - try the lumberjack steak. Although mentioned as a steak, Boris explained that it is actually pork. So lumberjack steak it was!

And while we were waiting for the main meal, I ordered a German Rose sparkling wine. Rather nice for a starter - I don't drink beer you see...

This is Boris serving lager to my friends that night.

Then came the lumberjack steak - after about 30 minutes. Long wait and we were famished! 4 of us all orders the same.

A big piece of pork steak I must say. Served with caramelized onions, fried potatoes and long beans. Fork tender but a tad too salty for me.

And to down that pork steak, I ordered the Riesling - perfect for such a heavy meal. Slightly sweet on the palette and cuts through the greasiness of the steak.

The four of us all eating the lumberjack steak.

We were not satisfied that we could not have the crispy pork knuckle so after a week of meetings, we went back Friday night - second try for me! And we were lucky. The restaurant was less crowded this time around. Surprise surprise for a Friday night!

BUt why do I care? I just wanted my pork knuckle. And this time, I will not be denied! Look! Pork knuckle in the rotisserie!

So pork knuckle it was for me. Fried and then grilled to perfection!

Nice and crispy on the outside but still moist and tender on the inside. All one needs is a knife to cut the knuckle into half and then slowly pick the meat off the bone.

Another colleague of mine had the sirloin steak which he told me was also really good. A nicely done piece of steak as I was told. Served with onion rings and fried potatoes.

So happy that I was able to taste the Bavarian pork knuckle on this trip. And on both occasions, had an enjoyable evening. Thanks much to Boris! Pay him a visit and if he is there, tell him Eddie said hi!