Friday, 24 July 2015

Ramen Ramen Everywhere

In our trip to Tokyo, we stayed in the Roppongi area as recommended by friends. Around Roppongi, there are many places to eat. Today I feature a chain of Ramen Restaurant in Tokyo.

Ramen is as common as finding a noodle stall in a Singapore coffeeshop. On the first day on our visit in Tokyo, we found a ramen restaurant just minutes away from the apartment we stayed in. My family here at the restaurant.

I am used to eating noodles for breakfast but I can’t say the same for my family who are more used to eating bread. This particular joint is opened 24 hours and serves several kinds of ramen and other cuisine.

Like gyoza.

And rice bowl too…

I had this ramen which was a tad too salty for my taste.

Ramen shops are everywhere in Japan. In fact, there is a similar store about 500 metres across the street. This is one is ok, nothing fantastic. Next, I will feature a Soba joint. What they call a “One Coin” eating outlet.