Saturday, 28 September 2013

Super Machines & Horological Machines - Independents Part 2

Kari Voutilainen as the name sounds is hardly Swiss by birth. Started his early watchmaking training in his native Finland, Kari moved to Switzerland later on and worked for companies like Parmigiani.

I had the fortune of meeting the man during the Super Machines and Horological Heroes exhibition. A very soft spoken person, his watches are unmistakably Kari - the hands are the hallmark of Kari. Hand crafted works of horology. Seen here are three watches on display at the exhibition. The Observatoire, V-8R Power Reserve and the GMT Six O'Clock.
Kari Voutilainen Trio of Watches photo KariVoutilainenTrio01_zpseb72458e.jpg

The most famed of all is his Observatoire - exacting standards of accuracy and the well guilloché dials. Voted Favourite Men's Watch in 2007 by the GPHG.
Kari Voutilainen Observatoire photo KariVoutilainenObservatoire02_zps408112d8.jpg

Then a unique GMT watch - one with a decorated centre with a GMT and Day/Night indicator at Six O'Clock. Interesting centre with the planets in full display.
Kari Voutilainen Observatoire Unique photo KariVoutilainenObservatoireUnique01_zpsc5469b7b.jpg

Then the V-8R watch. Comes with the power reserve and an in-house developed movement.
Kari Voutilainen V-8R photo KariVoutilainenV-8R02_zps2803a5e4.jpg

The watch is typically well finished with high levels of guilloché patterns. The words "Hand Made" adorn the bottom of the dial instead of Swiss Made.
Kari Voutilainen V-8R photo KariVoutilainenV-8R01_zps0d185458.jpg

And this is a shot of the man himself.
Kari Voutilainen The Man photo KariVoutilainen03_zpsd812e75a.jpg

And another shot of Kari in a more relaxed setting...
Kari Voutilainen The Man photo KariVoutilainen02_zps8a466a34.jpg

The next post will feature Vianney Halter and his watches on display at the Super Machines and Horological Heroes exhibition at Paragon Shopping Centre (18-30 Sep 2013). Thanks to The Hour Glass for hosting the exhibition featuring the Grand Masters of Independent Watchmaking.

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