Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pasarbella GTG - Monster Time!

The gang got together for another meal and to share our hobby for watches. This time around, we ended up in Turf City Pasarbella Mara Shabu Restaurant.

The Shabu Shabu Restaurant is at the far end of Pasarbella.
Pasarbella Shabu Shabu photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013RestShot01_zpsf0286bb9.jpg

They had arranged their table to accommodate us 20 pax ensuring we have a nice cosy and private corner.
Pasarbella Shabu Shabu photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013RestShot03_zpscf68f2e4.jpg

First up was the Spanish Suckling Pig seen here still in the oven...
Pasarbella Suckling Pig photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013FoodShot04_zps2432af3b.jpg

The Spanish Suckling Pig is from another stall in Pasarbella and the Argentinian chef told us he had oven baked it just in time for our GTG at 6.30pm.
Pasarbella Suckling Pig photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013FoodShot03_zps6b665372.jpg

The shabu shabu came in three soup base - mara (numbing spicy), shabu and sukiyaki. Featured here is the sukiyaki.
Pasarbella Shabu Shabu photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013FoodShot02_zpsbe7b8ca0.jpg

And the mara and shabu comes in a ying-yang pot. Meat consists of beef, chicken, pork shoulder, pork belly, tofu etc. My favorite was the udon noodles cooked in the mara soup base - thanks to Larry who discovered this combo.
Pasarbella Shabu Shabu photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013FoodShot01_zpsa43fcfa3.jpg

Dinner started promptly at 6.45pm… too hungry to wait for everyone so since this was a buffet, go help yourselves!
Pasarbella Kaki photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013GuysShot03_zpsa34b7ad3.jpg

Guys chatting over food and drinks.
Pasarbella Kaki photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013GuysShot04_zpsa6f9b7d7.jpg

Plenty of food to go around and plenty of conversation - guys catching up.
Pasarbella Shabu Shabu Kaki photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013GuysShot02_zps95d3667e.jpg

Theme was simple - any Seiko and any watch that tells time differently. So we had a few Seiko Monsters including a Snow Monster, two very interesting Hautlence Jumping hours and many more interesting pieces. Table shot of watches on display.
Pasarbella Table Shot photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013TableShot01_zps0c6ad45f.jpg

How often does one see two Hautlence coming together?
Pasarbella Hautlence photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot01_zps97cab27a.jpg

In fact you would have seen two Seiko with enamel dial but alas, someone fell sick but I have this wonderful shot of the watch.
Seiko Enamel Auto photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot14_zps0f8b2b3e.jpg

Then of course the Monsters… and the Tunas
Pasarbella Table Shot photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013TableShot02_zps942f9312.jpg
Pasarbella Table Shot photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013TableShot04_zps2ccab3b3.jpg

And probably the Monster of the Night - The Snow Monster...
Seiko Snow Monster photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot11_zps3950ff81.jpg

And another Seiko - the Laurel
Seiko Laurel photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot10_zps7a7c37a8.jpg

Then comes the unusual pieces… Jumping hours, Regulateur Dials, Dead Beat Seconds, Carousel/Tourbillon, Double Split Chrono, Single Handed... Can you spot the Goldpfeil Vincent Calabrese?
Pasarbella Table Shot photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013TableShot03_zps0154d1ed.jpg

First, a rather rare Swatch Diaphane One carousel watch.
Swatch Diapham photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot13_zps3400e5fe.jpg

And a two week old Habring Pilot DBS.
Habring Pilot DBS photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot06_zpsa71fe9c8.jpg

A single handed Luch from Belarus
Luch Belarus photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot09_zps95b6db89.jpg

A not so often seen IWC pocket watch
IWC Pocket Watch photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot05_zps3a93aa4f.jpg

A Lange Double Split Chrono
Lange Double Split Chrono photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot08_zps885f2229.jpg

And a PuristPro watch
Purist Watch photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013WatchShot12_zps0656c6a5.jpg

The gang stayed on chatting while others were busy exploring the watches.
Pasarbella Kaki photo PasarbellaGTG9Sep2013GuysShot01_zps2a5596b1.jpg

And all too soon it was already ten at night. Three and a half hours of great conversation around food and watches - what more can you ask for?

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  1. Hi
    Thank you for your dining at Mara Shabu. We are happy to inform you that we have launch 3 new soup bases recently. They are, Pork Bone (tonkotsu), Tokyo style Miso and Kimchee soup bases. Hope to see you soon.

    Management Mara Shabu