Friday, 30 August 2013

Urwerk EMC - An Artistic Impression

The Urwerk EMC. A watch that allows the owner to measure and self regulate the accuracy.

A sneak preview of the new Electronic Mechanical Control (EMC) Watch by Urwerk. A beautifully hand drawn EMC by Martin Frei one half of the dynamic duo in Urwerk.
Urwerk EMC Drawing photo UrwerkEMCDrawing.jpg

Live pictures of the watch and full report coming up!


  1. Intricately drawn, depicting the subtleties of the complications of the watch in a very simplistic and carefree manner... especially so with the handwritings sprawled all over.... gives me the feeling of an incomplete piece that is still work-in-progress, while simultaneously allowing me to see the final work of art..

  2. Genius at work... as you correctly mentioned, it looks like work in progress. The final product is equally stunning and the complication is one of a kind.