Saturday, 3 August 2013

IWC Pilot Mark XV - My First Intro to Mechanical Watches

The IWC Pilot has always been an iconic watch for me and my Mark XV has been my old faithful not only because it was my first mechanical watch, but also my first "expensive" watch.

It is funny how things work out for the better. Back in 2004 when I was at the Penang Airport waiting for my flight back to Singapore when there was a flight delay - the original flight was to depart at 9pm but was delayed for 2 hours due to late incoming aircraft. Since I had 2 hours to while away, I walked to the Duty Free Watch counter and what did I see? The Mark XV...
IWC Pilot Mark XV photo PilotMakXV06.jpg

It was a toss between the "newer" Spitfire model and the Mark XV. Having little knowledge then what the difference was, I ended up with the more "classic" looking of the two. And I still do not regret the choice - this one is still better for me.
IWC Pilot Mark XV photo PilotMakXV01.jpg

I like the clean functional look of the watch. Small date window at 3 O'clock and a good lume for night time.
IWC Pilot Mark XV photo PilotMakXV02.jpg

Although I would have preferred an open case back, it was only much later that I learnt that traditional pilot watches are solid case back and I guess IWC maintained that tradition.
IWC Pilot Mark XV Case Back photo PilotMakXV04.jpg

The watch comes with a buffalo strap with a folding clasp.
IWC Pilot Mark XV Folding Clasp photo PilotMakXV05.jpg

This watch has been with me for already coming to ten years and is still looking good - never been for servicing and still as accurate as ever. So who says you need to service a watch every 3 years or so?

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  1. Nice watch. I like IWC's too! If you want to maintain them properly, I would look to have it cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis. It helps to keep the wear and tear of the mechanical bit to a minimum. Best wishes! Pete Petrides