Friday, 23 August 2013

My Running Route - Flora & Fauna

The regular Lower & Upper Peirce Reservoir running route offers more than just an exercise location. Plenty of nice view to distract you and keep you distracted.

Every now and then, you get to spot some nice trees - in this case the cannon ball tree. DOn't ask me what the scientific names are... don't know.
Trees Along Run Route photo TreesAlongRunRoute01.jpg

And this one I know not… Help! What is this tree?
Trees Along Run Route photo TreesAlongRunRoute02.jpg

This one I know - plenty along my jogging route - The Flame of the Forest. They almost always have ferns growing on them. When in full bloom, they have bright red flowers, hence the name. But I have seen some yellow varietals here too.
AMK Ave 5 photo AngMoKioAve501.jpg

Then there are the flowers and plants too…
Flora & Fauna photo FlowerAtLowerPeirce03.jpg

A nice hanging orchid - I think...
Flora & Fauna photo FlowerAtLowerPeirce01.jpg

And what looks like peppercorns.
Flora & Fauna photo FlowerAtLowerPeirce02.jpg

Another orchid.
Flora & Fauna photo FlowerAtLowerPeirce04.jpg

And this one. Vibrant colors and long filaments.
Flowers Along Run Route photo FlowerAtLowerPeirce06.jpg

And a toadstool too.
Toadstool Along Run Route photo FlowerAtLowerPeirce07.jpg

And long the jogging route, you get some interesting find like the monitor lizard which I had posted earlier on. Thanks much to my wife Gina who took some nice pictures shown here. She is the one with green fingers and interest in the flora.

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