Thursday, 27 June 2013

Our GTG - Onion Restaurant, Part 1 - The Place

Our second GTG in 2 months - the last one being in April where we bade farewell to Goris of IWC. This time, a smaller group got together for food, great company and of course the watches. The two themes were - Nato straps, coloured bezels and interesting case backs. It is not just about watches but also about finding new places to explore and share good food.

The Onion Restaurant and Bar is located along Bukit Timah Road just before Sixth Avenue. I have been there several times for dinner as well as for Sunday brunch. Dinner was good and so was the Sunday brunch especially if you are one of those who like free flow of sparkling wine on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
The Onion Restaurant photo OnionGTGRestaurantFront.jpg

The Restaurant has two levels - level 1 being the bar, dining area and the open concept kitchen. We had a group of 20 so we were given the upper level where they laid out two rows of tables - 10 each.
The Onion Restaurant photo OnionGTGRestaurantInside01.jpg
Onion Restaurant Upper Floor photo OnionGTGRestaurantInside02.jpg

The upper level is great for a group gatherings as it gives the privacy we needed. First up was the French Sparkling Wine for all guests and some finger food.
Onion GTG The Champagne photo OnionGTGTheChampagne.jpg

I was slow in taking picture of the finger food - by the time I did, the spring rolls were all gone! Next fastest to go was the seared tuna and the black olive tarts. Also part of the Canapes were Brie de Mealix on Toast and Quail eggs topped with Caviar.
Onion GTG Finger Food photo OnionGTGFingerFood01.jpg
Onion GTG Finger Food photo OnionGTGFingerFood03.jpg

Now the main course - grilled salmon or the Spanish Iberico Pork Chop. The salmon was very well done, slightly over done but still moist enough on the inside. Those who had the salmon liked what they got.
Onion GTG Grilled Salmon photo OnionGTGTheFood01.jpg
Onion GTG Grilled Salmon photo OnionGTGTheFood02.jpg

Most of us had the Spanish Iberico Pork Chop served with garlic demi glaze, mashed potatoes and vegetable stew. A nice portion pork chop, well cooked as a piece of pork should be but still moist and tender.
Onion GTG Iberico Pork Chop photo OnionGTGTheFood03.jpg
Onion GTG Iberico Pork Chop photo OnionGTGTheFood04.jpg

And the wine of the night was the house pour - The Cabernet Sauvignon table wine. Pretty good stuff considering it is table wine quality. But definitely goes well with the nights food.
Onion GTG The Red Wine photo OnionGTGTheWine.jpg

And to round off the night, we had the KaVaLan Taiwanese Whisky. Fruity on the nose and great value for a single malt. As I understand it, the malt is imported but the water used is local spring water from around the area where they make the whisky. No information on the age of the whisky though.
Onion GTG The Whisky photo OnionGTGTheWhisky.jpg

Sorry I did not post the soup which was the seafood soup in Cava Broth. Too busy mingling I totally forgot about it. I also did not feature the dessert - an ice cream cake. To me, that was too sweet. But overall, it was a good dinner. Service was attentive and definitely better than many establishments I have been to. But most of all, it was great company for the night!

Onion Restaurant & Bar is located at 791 Bukit Timah Road. The next post will be on the gathering, the gang and the watches!

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