Thursday, 13 June 2013

Jaeger LeCoultre 8 Days Baguette Clock - My Favourite Clock

The Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the few Manufactures who has a wide range of clocks on top of their extensive range of watches. And they all use in-house movements. What intrigued me are the Baguette 8 Days clocks and the Atmos.

The Baguette 8 Days Clock houses the Calibre 210, sixteen (16) jewels. I believe it was developed after the 1930s. Comes in several shapes and designs but I was lucky enough to find this specimen in the US.
JLC 8 Days Baguette photo JLCBaguetteClock01FrontView.jpg

Measuring 7 x 3.5 x 11cm (L x W x H), this specimen winds from the back and looks suspended from afar. I have seen larger round shaped types which are easily 20cm across.
JLC Baguette side view photo JLCBaguetteClock03SideView.jpg

This particular clock is in very good condition as evident in the movement. The sapphire glass is bevelled, hence the reflection.
JLC Baguette back view photo JLCBaguetteClock02BackView.jpg

There are some that are signed as LeCoultre but this one I have is signed Jaeger LeCoultre. Some are decorated but I like mine just simple and totally see through. I had once asked former JLC CEO Jerome Lambert if they would consider remaking these clocks and the answer was a firm NO.
JLC Baguette back view mechanism photo JLCBaguetteClock04BackViewMechanism.jpg

And another look at the see through clock.
JLC Baguette front view clear photo JLCBaguetteClock05FrontView.jpg

Sits proudly in my living room right beside the Atmos - more on the Atmos in another post.


  1. Can't wait for my own JLC clock. But 1st gotta hunt ;-)

  2. I shall help you look out for one. Hard to find one in such a condition. Got to work hard...

  3. Hi Eddie, come across your blog while surfing for jlc clock. I do agreed that they are beautifully made. It a pity they are not producing this model any more. I'm trying to find them here in singapore but no avail. Do let me know u if u had any information abt them in Singapore.