Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Watches & Cufflinks - Tourbillon Movement

When you like watches and cufflinks, it makes sense to enjoy them together. So I started hunting for cufflinks with watch movements and managed quite a collection. Here I feature some cufflinks with tourbillon movements.

These cufflinks are Made in China, as with may things but I must say that they are finished pretty well. Coming in three color tones, steel, yellow gold and rose gold, the cufflink balance wheel will oscillate when turned. Pictured here with my Movas Tourbillon Limited Edition.
Tourbillon Cufflinks photo TourbillonCufflinksAll01_zps246f5c6a.jpg

The cufflinks are around the size of a ten cent coin around 19mm across. Just the right size for a cufflink.
Tourbillon Cufflinks photo TourbillonSteel02_zpsf913b8a3.jpg

The blued screws and the jewels really stand out and enhances the movement.
Tourbillon Cufflinks photo TourbillonSteel03_zps25780e6b.jpg

As a pair, they look like an alien craft.
Tourbillon Cufflinks photo TourbillonSteel01_zpsf029b8e6.jpg

Compare the two tourbillon. Both Made in China movements.
Tourbillon Cufflinks photo TourbillonSteel04_zps083060b6.jpg

Here's the yellow plated version.
Tourbillon Cufflinks Yellow Gold photo TourbillonYG02_zpsf502f8b4.jpg

And the rose gold version.
Tourbillon Cufflinks Rose Gold photo TourbillonRG01_zps7a5069d7.jpg

And the search continues for more of such cufflinks. Let me know if you find them. Here is the link to my other blog on cufflinks.

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