Monday, 11 August 2014

Another sunset to share

So I had posted the sunset of our time in Montigo Resortand shared with some friends and another good friend came back with this...

He had gone to Maldives for his vacation. Take a look at this…
 photo MaldivesSunset07.jpg

Another beach shot.
 photo MaldivesSunset08.jpg

He had looked at my sunset photos and told me that it brought back memories of his own vacation recently. He shared these with me.
 photo MaldivesSunset09.jpg

And one of him in snorkeling gear…
 photo MaldivesSunset05.jpg

And with wife by the sandies…
 photo MaldivesSunset03.jpg

And another shot of the sunset.
 photo MaldivesSunset04.jpg

And it is getting dark with the sun going down.
 photo MaldivesSunset06.jpg

Sunsets are always beautiful. No matter where you take the sunset, it will always turn out beautiful. In this case, I spent a whole heck less than he did.

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