Thursday, 5 December 2013

Spacecraft - Romain Jerome's Answer to Retro Complication

When Romain Jerome unveiled the Spacecraft, he did so with the help of two watchmaking geniuses Eric Giroud and Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. Featuring a trapezium shaped titanium case, it gives the watch a space-age feel.

What lies beneath is a complex mechanical wonder. The base is an ETA 2824 with the jumping hours and retrograde function module developed by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht at Agenhor.
Romain Jerome Spacecraft photo RomainJeromeSpacecraft01_zps290567e2.jpg

The top of the watch features the minutes and the winding crown is at the back.
Romain Jerome Spacecraft photo RomainJeromeSpacecraft02_zpsb5ddca2a.jpg

The front panel features the retrograde jumping hour. A red-lacquered cursor is driven across the panel indicating the hours in red.
Romain Jerome Spacecraft photo RomainJeromeSpacecraft03_zpsb08141a9.jpg

The watch comes with a special strap made by Singaporean strap maker Hughes Low. Black croc with red stitches. Originally, the watch came with a black polyamide mesh strap but an owner change it to one made by Hughes. Manuel tells me that when he saw the strap, he liked it and asked for the contact. The rest they say, is history.
Romain Jerome Spacecraft photo RomainJeromeSpacecraft04_zpse4016a39.jpg

Invariably, there will always be a comparison between the Spacecraft and MB&F's HM5. Manuel says both watches take inspiration from very different source and the complex mechanics behind each watch is also different.
RJ Spacecraft and MB&F HM5 photo RomainJeromeSpacecraftampMBampFHM501_zpsef354301.jpg

Limited to 99 pieces, the Spacecraft is indeed unique and a technical wonder. And the price point is also very attractive. The Spacecraft is a departure from the DNA range of watches from the RJ stable. Here is my report on the Moon Orbiter and the Titanic DNA.

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