Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Prone, Aim & Fire!

One of the most exhilarating part of live firing is the firing of a machine gun. The recoil, the butt hitting the shoulder and the sound of the rounds rattling on and on as you depress the trigger... For those who may not have the chance of firing the General Purpose Machine Gun aka GPMG, firing a SAW light-machine gun is just as fun.

The Section Automatic Weapon (SAW) gives the section of soldiers some extra fire power compared to the assault rifle be it the M16 or the SAR21. Featured here is the miniature figurine from Miniature Stories, a Singaporean company dedicated to making miniature SAF soldier figures in various poses. In my earlier post, I had featured the Section Commander in an attack pose, leading the way.

As with the Section Commander, the details of the SAW Gunner is excellent. From the prone position...

To the aiming...

No details are spared. Take a look at this face of concentration... pay attention to the grass on the left sleeve of the uniform.

Or for that matter, the boots... same level of details.

The tiniest of details are well defined. Take for example the sole of the boots and the toggle rope on the back... The realistic grass on the back - who has ever ran on the field, prone and have no grass bits on their uniform? Now that is attention to details.

Even the SAW gun is well detailed.

And the 6 Div insignia is also hand painted as is the Marksman badge and the IPPT badge on the left arm.

This is one of the figurines I like a lot. And just in case you are wondering, all the die cast metal figurines are hand painted which means no two figurines are a like.

What's more, you may customise the badges - from Division formation on the right arm to the other individual performance badges on the left arm. You may choose from Marksmen, IPPT or even Guards unit. If you are all three, then three badges it is.

Honestly, for this level of detail and realism, I believe these figurines are worth what you are paying for. In the age of mass production, the details in the miniatures made by Miniature Stories is a breath of fresh air - much needed. For more information visit the Miniature Stories website. Both Caleb and Terra, the company's owners believe each figurine will tell a story of every NSMen's adventure during their stint in the army. And I cannot agree more. Sure brings back those good old memories...

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