Sunday, 13 April 2014

Beautiful Brunnen

I recently visited Switzerland for a week of meetings. Prior to that, I have always heard how beautiful the country is and how things work like clockwork. And I find it very true and amazing.

Clockwork - that is how I will describe the train system in Switzerland. Legendary really. We had arrived in Zurich and took the train to Brunnen having changed trains at two other towns. Not difficult actually if you understand the system. And this was the sight on the train ride into Brunnen.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne08.jpg

I have always heard how picturesque Switzerland is but never did I imagine the real beauty that awaits when we arrived in a small town of Brunnen. We were put up at the Waldstatterhof Hotel by Lake Lucerne and the day we arrived, beautiful weather like you wouldn't believe. Blue skies, sunshine with temperatures at around 4 degrees Celcius.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne05.jpg

The hotel is located right beside Lake Lucerne and what a beautiful sight greeted us.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne07.jpg

We had arrived at the right time - clear blue skies and bright sunshine that is not normal for late February time. Right in front of the hotel is the lake and the ferry terminal.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne09.jpg

I was lucky enough to have a room facing the lake. And this is the view from my window.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne10.jpg

And every morning when I wake up, this is the view I am greeted with.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne03.jpg

And in the evening, clear skies permitting, this is the view...
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne01.jpg

I went for runs in the evening and the surrounding is as beautiful. The lake, the marina and when it is Feb, the sun sets early. And what a sight!
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne15.jpg

As luck would have it, I spotted a couple seated by the bench at the edge of the lake. A lucky shot for me.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne13.jpg

And that week was the week of the Carnival - an excuse to revel and drink the night away. Starts at 4am in the morning and the streets are decorated and blocked off. Then comes the parade…
 photo BrunnenCarnival01.jpg

And all too soon, it was time to leave Brunnen. Just as well as the weather took a turn and was back to "regular" winter weather.
 photo BrunnenLakeLucerne12.jpg

Brunnen is a beautiful quaint town and definitely worth another visit.

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